Mustache Contest!

This hilarious poster hanging on the wall at work made me consider the mustache.

So I made a list of the mustache GODS!

I was gonna put this guy on there but I didn’t know his name. His mustache has many mustaches!



Some of where I came from.

I found this picture of my mom and dad in the closet and my grandma’s house. Don’t they look hip?  Neckerchief with matching shirt on mom (Trixie from speed racer?)  and does my dad kinda look like Jeremy Adkins to you Portsmouth folk? I came along about 6 months after this picture was taken. I must have killed their fashion sense.

Jo Jo and Gary

Jo Jo and Gary

I also found an adorable picture of my moms folks! It was after my grandpa got back from England in WWII. He was an Air force mechanic. Look how coy my granny looks! I love It!

Cecil and Juanita

Cecil and Juanita

I also think my grandpa kinda looks like Sinatra here. He was a rascal in his day from what I understand. My mom was allegedly named after a girlfriend he had in Jolly old England! I know a little dirt on every member of my family. I’m sure I’ll spill more as this thing goes on. BEWARE! 😉

Do you think my grandpa is giving himself the Eminem bag check? I thought so for a second but then I thought it was just the way his hand was resting. You be the judge.

First Poll!

Idle hands are the devil’s blogthing. (FIRST POST!)

For anyone who might read this that may not know me, I just graduated nursing school in the spring. Licensing takes a while so I just started my first job as a nurse last week. I’ve worked health care since high school, just getting a few more $ on the hour now. I am a safety nurse at a HUGE power plant. Sounds like it could be bustling, right? Not always, Especially not on the weekends. My boss is pretty lenient about what we do with down time so I bring my laptop to work with me. All social networking sites blocked by the plant so no facebook or myspace. I made a twitter (the place where all of your favorite stars ignore you!) account but only have a small hand full of friends who do that  so I still have no one to talk to. I decided to make a blog so I can at least pretend like someone is listening to me. Sitting in this room, most of the time alone, for 12 hours can give me cabin fever.

Now you know why I have a blog, how about I tell you who I am? I’m a 31 year old mother of one. When I say mother of one I should say mother of THE one. Alice is 9 years old and she is already so awesome it blows my mind. She’s funny and quirky. Creative and artsy. I suppose every mom thinks that their child is extraordinary but I am right! I won’t have to do much convincing, if you follow my blog, you will learn the magic that is Alice.


Alice then and now.

I am married to the most hotterest of all mans in the world! He is Alice’s dad. He’s an accountant. I fell in love with him when I was 16 and have loved him madly every day since then. I call him “shug”. He is yin to my yang. I am extroverted, he has aspergers. Were opposite in quite a few ways but then sway the same way everywhere it counts. I hope that we die holding hands.

My Husband

My Husband

I’ll give you way more info than any of you will ever want. All the gory details of my life. If you follow suit, you will soon be hip to Sudzy trivia! Stay tuned sucka!